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GN Numer:58(m ISO100) 190(feet ISO100)

Recycling:Time:0.1-3S (panasonic eneloop nimh batteries)

Color:Temperature Range:5600K±200K



Product Details


1.Compatible with the camera:CanonEOS camera (E - TTL automatic flash II)

2.GN Number:GN Number

3.Flash Coverage:20-200mm (wide-angle diffuser is 14 mm)

Automatic zoom (automatically set for flash lens focal 

length and the size of the image coverage) Manual zoom

4.Bounch Position:Nickel metal hydride batteries *4pcs or type LR6 

alkaline batteries

5.Power Source:Nickel metal hydride batteries *4pcs or type LR6 

alkaline batteries

6.Wireless capabilities:Main control unit, subordinate units, close

7.Recycling Time:0.1-3S (panasonic eneloop nimh batteries)

8.Color Temperturer:5600K±200K

9.Flash Duration:1/300S-1/20000S

10.Exposure control system: E - TTL II automatic flash, flash manually

11.Flash exposure lock (FEL) Use: "FEL" button or "*" button

12.Synchronously: High-speed synchronous 1/8000S, before the curtain 

sync, after curtain sync

13.Multi Flash: Available(Times:100 flashes/199Hz)

14.Energy saving:Flash in unmanned 90S will automatically shut off 

the power, set up 60 minutes into hibernation when 

the slave unit.

15.Synchronous trigger mode: Hotshoe port, synchronous line 3.5mm

16.Channel: 2.4G, 32Channel:1-32

17.Transmission range (about):S1, S2 about 10mm 2.4G,100mm

18.Modelling of flash:Use camera depth of field preview button to flash

19.Auxiliary focusing range (about):Central: 0.6-10m edge: 0.6-5m

20.Full power flashes:200