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Product Details

Model: BM001

Universal charger for AA/AAA, 3.6V/3.7V/7.2V/7.4V/4.35V LI-ION batteries

Charger Parameter:

Input parameter: car charger DC12V 0.5A

Charging parameter: 1.5V*2  0.5A

                 4.2V   0.5A

                 4.35V  0.5A

                 8.4V   0.5A

                USB 5V  0.5A


1.      Automatically identify batteries polarity.

2.      Automatically identify single or double lithium battery.

3.      Activate batteries with zero voltage or batteries having been protected.

4.      Distinguish rechargeable AA/AAA batteries from non-rechargeable ones.

5.      USB output, USB is internally equipped with D+.D- terminals The charger can charge devices that are able to identify D+,D- terminals.

6.      Lithium batteries adopt pre-charging, constant-current charging and constant-voltage charging, thus shall not be undercharged or overcharged.

7.      AA/AAA batteries adopt pulse current charging and are controlled by -△V and time, thus shall not be undercharged or overcharged.

8.      Optional plugs adapter ,world-wide use.